The Institute strives to emphasize three major areas of inquiry:

The contemporary Diaspora – the global Armenian communities and their specific histories and challenges; the Diaspora’s culture and arts contributions in the 21st century; the unique Southern California community: its origins, composition, cultural diversity, political and civic engagement; the new Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia

The developing Republic of Armenia – the challenges of statehood, regional and domestic policies, security concerns

Effects of Genocide – Social, psychological, economic consequences of genocide; transmission of memory; current Armenian-Turkish relations; new and hidden survivors in Turkey; impact on new generations of survivors; artistic expressions of memory.

Since its inception, the Institute has served as a venue for lectures, conferences and events where aspects of Armenian Studies are explored and discussed.

In the decade to come, the Institute of Armenian Studies, together with the Turpanjian Family Chair in Contemporary Armenian Studies will encourage participation and collaboration by students and scholars in all aspects of the broad world of Armenian Studies in order to enhance collective understanding of Armenian experiences of the past, present, and future.